About our cycling team

Team Philosophy

Avanti Racing is an amateur bicycle race team founded in 1988 that supports racers and those considering racing in all of the cycling disciplines. We are friendly and welcoming.

In our over 28 years of existence, Avanti Racing has produced a huge number of talented athletes who have earned thousands of podium placings in all racing categories and disciplines. We have been a stepping stone by many who have gone on to race on professional teams, several earning national championships.

Over the years Avanti Racing has had many generous sponsors that have donated money, merchandise and offered steep discounts to encourage our racers to achieve their best in a sport that requires expensive equipment, long training hours and specialized skills. Title sponsors have included travel arranger Egencia, software developer Blue Rooster, bicycle manufacture Ti Cycles and bike shop Aurora Cycle, and a plethora of supporting sponsors both local and national.

Team Avanti takes racers of all abilities and helps develop competitive cyclists who may strive to achieve cycling fame, or who may have more modest ambitions -- like winning a race;  or the worthy goal of being the most fitness ever in one’s life.

Our goal is to help you find cycling to be your inspiration. Whether you start off as a club rider, or jump in as a racing enthusiast, you won’t find a more supportive atmosphere.

Training and Teaching

  • We have weight room training programs
  • We have annual training camps
  • We provide clinics for all racing disciplines
  • We provide weekly cyclocross clinics prior to the season
  • We have members with vast experience that are eager to share.


  • Each of us benefits immensely from the cycling community. We believe it is our honor to give back.
  • Volunteer for the Mutual of Enumclaw Road Race
  • Volunteer for cyclocross races during the season (One MFG, and one CX Revolutions)
  • Volunteer to set up our team tent at races
  • Volunteer Mountain bike work Parties.
  • Volunteer at the Velodrome
  • Experienced racers helping new racers into the scene.


  • Every human being is deserving of our respect.
  • Help new riders along
  • Wave to other riders on the road - regardless of kit or discipline. Racers are no better than any other rider on a bike.
  • Be polite even to rude motorists (especially in a team kit!)


  • Welcome new riders
  • Experienced riders teach the less experienced
  • Help the team mates move up through categorize


  • We ride bikes because it's fun to ride bikes
  • We race because it is fun to race
  • We're all volunteers. We all have families and jobs and stress. This is the fun part!

About Us

One of the only multi-disciplinary teams in Seattle, Avanti Racing has been active in the Northwest peloton since 1988, competing in road, track, mountain and cyclocross events. The Avanti Club focuses on racing and provides the training support necessary to compete effectively while maintaining balance in our busy lives. If you are looking for a team that shares your passion for all types of racing, join us for a spin.

Joining The Team

The Seattle cycling community is a tight one where we race against and train with each other frequently. On Sunday you will train with the rider you out-sprinted on Saturday. It's a community that thrives on mutual support and respect between teams. Being a good member of this community is essential to Avanti Racing. We seek members who embody respect and support through good sportsmanship and being a team player. We explicitly recognize that you can't win without your team. Support your team well, both in dedication and character, and you will gain the support of your teammates and the respect of your competitors.

Team Officers

  • President: Mariko Wei
  • Vice-President: Thomas Baron
  • Treasurer: Brian Comfort
  • Secretary: Mark Orr

Team Coordinators:

  • Sponsor Development: Josh Gerak
  • Men - Road: Kevin Stone-O'Brien & Jason Costanza
  • Track: Billy Rudnick
  • Mountain: Roger Burton
  • Cyclocross: Jonas Bakkane
  • Website: Shawn McGaff

USCF License Information

  • Club name: "Avanti"
  • Team name: "Egencia"
  • USCF club number: 1883