2015 Fall & Winter Avanti Team Road Rides

Categories: Road, training

While the Cyclocross season is in full swing, there are those of us who aren't racing CX and are in our "base build" phase of training, meaning we just need to put on miles.

We’ve established a regular team road ride every Saturday for the rest of the year and into the start of 2016.

The road schedule will have rotating start locations from the following locations:

  1. Logboom Park (Tracy Own Station) in Kenmore
  2. Redmond Pete's Coffee at the Whole Foods Plaza
  3. Gene Coulon Park in  Renton
  4. Leschi Starbucks

Rides to start at 9:00 am. These rides are open to any riders. Depending on the turnout and speed, we will split into A and B groups. Usually that will entail riding as a group for a warm up or initial route portion, then splitting off and the A group will do longer mileage.

We can post the rides on our website and Facebook page so prospective teammates and others can join us, or you can quickly look where to meet. The CX racers can choose to join us if they aren't racing that day as well.

Since we will know the ride departure location, an experienced ride leader can designate the route and publish this in advance using the fine, free mapping program at RideWithGPS.com.

For instance, starting on Saturday Sept 26 , we will start our ride from Logboom Park.  Then the following weekend, we start from Redmond Pete's Coffee. The following weekend, Gene Coulon Park; the following at Leschi Starbucks.   You can also see the rides listed in the team calendar (accessible from the website homepage).  Each team ride entry in the calendar includes the start time and location.