Improving Your Performance Through Power & Control, Pt II

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Join us Tuesday, April 14th at 6:30pm. About a 90 minutes.  

"Improving Your Performance Through Power & Control, Pt II"
This two-part series will focus on the two areas directly affecting performance - power and control.
Part one - Power - is focused on the lower body and core. Part two - Control - will focus on upper body and core.
• Each class will provide instruction on:
• Why it's important to cycling performance.
• Supporting exercises.
• Dynamic stretches.
• Mobility.
• Kinesio taping (including demonstrations).
• Q&A throughout.
Kinetic is a Hybrid Clinic - A Cross Between Traditional Physical Therapy, Sports Chiropractic, and Sports Medicine
Kinetic Sports Rehab is something different.  We understand Seattleites work hard and play hard  - there’s no time to waste on ineffective treatment,  That’s why at Kinetic Sports Rehab, we focus on the solution and not merely chasing symptoms.   We’re a place where you can receive the same care as professional athletes; care that us delivered by an exceptional team who holds your goal(s) as their top priority.
Whether you’re looking for a solution to a recent injury, help with chronic pain, or to perform better in your sport/life  - we’ve got you covered!  We exist to help you change your story!
Techniques & Methods
Top-level treatment should not be reserved for the few. We use the same techniques and methods that are used on professional athletes.
The Kinetic Way is our unique process. It's the whole package experienced by each and everyone of one of our patients.